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An hour or so in GTA V (PC)

So last night I went out for an evening meal with some colleagues from work, but it was over pretty quickly and I got home in time to play some more GTA V on the PC.

I really must find out what the key is for screenshots.

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Balsamic Cherry Tomato Recipe - Simples!

Last Thursday was my eldest sons birthday and so I asked him if he wanted anything special for me to cook on Saturday. He said he wanted me to "make that pie you make". As I have been known to make a number of different ones it took a few minutes to determine which particular pie he was asking for - I call it my Picnic Pie because in my (apparently solo) view its way nicer cold. I then had to decide what I was going to do with it and opted for Tuscan roast potatoes in white wine, honey glazed carrots and fried shredded cabbage with bacon, then probably some gravy.

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Perhaps the last “what’s been happening”?...NO!!!

So as Tanitha may soon shut down TBT and we may all lose contact with each other, I thought it might be nice to do an update of things since…well whenever. Therefore it’s a bit long.

HOT NEWS - We stay open 27/7, but I'll leave my post as it is as it took me 2 days to write it :)
I'll try to post more, and more frequently.

Personal Stuff

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The first ventures into Looking for Raid

I feel like breaking into a Weather Girls rendition of "It's raining epics!", but that would be an utter and sincere lie. Not the bit about me wanting to break into song, but the bit about it actually raining epics. I have now done two full clears of all the raids available to me, mainly Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry.

As you can see, my Enhancement Shaman is normally in the top 10 for damage and in BRF I am generally in the top 5, mainly because you know, Flame Shock, a splash of Lava Lash and hotkey four generate a lot of hatred and some pretty flame patterns all across the screen.

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Long dark teatime ...

The domain expires in a little over a month. I'm getting the feeling we've all grown to the point where we don't really have much time for video games and all those kinds of things. Or, at least, not for sharing them here. I know that it falls very far down my list of priorities and even though I miss hearing and reading what you guys are up to, I can admit that I've not been diligent in communicating and keeping things going.

So, I'm wondering, is it worth renewing? What do you guys think?

Vanilla WoW anyone?

An old WoW buddy I met in TBC sent me a steam message the other day. He's been trying to convince me to check out Apparently it's a private vanilla WoW server. Free to play, no pay to win, just old school WoW where orcs were orcs and mounts couldn't be had before level 40. I don't expect it to last long, but I figure I may dip my toe in just to reminisce about how painfully slow the grind was.

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Just checking to see if everyone is still alive.

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Skyrim in a nutshell

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Ezabella, oh how I love thee

Friends, meet Ezabella. Ezabella is a hunter. Ezabella has a pet. Her pet is a cat. Can you all say cat? Can you all spell cat? C. A. T. That spells cat.

It also spells a frigging annoying pet and a Hunter that would not play along. We did the first half of Zul'Farak and it was interesting. The mage would freeze a group, then pull one mob for me. Which suddenly meant one or two casters way out of range, a melee up close and me having to play tankish pinball to try and gather them all to me so I could pummel the caster, Thunder Clap the lot of them and then use Revenge, Shield Slam and all my other toys to keep them annoyed and in my face.

If there are any DPS reading this, please. Let me charge and Thunder Clap them all together. That way I get the casters in my face and I don't have to worry about the Healer pulling aggro from them while I try and gather everyone together. I know you're keen to kill things, but it's Zul'farak.

Kill a beetle or something if you can't wait 2 seconds.

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Deeps, please?

Is this normal? Most dungeons I do my warrior ends up top of the bar, but usually only about 10% to 20% ahead. I suppose their threat generation is through damage, but to end up with 44% of the damage in an instance? That seems a bit ludicrous. Why not just roll in a group of 4 protection warriors with one healer?

That could actually be rather amusing.

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