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Warlords of Draenor - First impressions

If we look away from the gamebreaking lag due to MASSIVE hordes (sorry for the pun) of players wanting to play NOW, I think perhaps Warlords of Draenor is my favourite expansion so far. And I'm just at the beginning of it...

There's something about the whole atmosphere that just seems so much more warcraft-y than any of the other. It evokes memories of playing Warcraft 3 as well as that initial glow of discovery I found when I first started playing WoW.
I think much of it is the focus on the Horde (or Iron Horde I should probably say) as an unstoppable force, much like it was in Warcraft and Warcraft 2, but it's also the writing in the quests. I didn't much care for the lore in Mists of Pandaria and tended to go into bot-mode ("yeah yeah, blah blah, just tell me what to kill, can't be bothered to read").

Not so here. I sit down and READ the quests. REALLY read, as in rereading if I feel like I missed some details. Sure, my questings slower than leveling from 1 to 90 by picking herbs, but I'm having a heap-ton more fun...

That is... I WOULD have more fun... If not for that lag.

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DosBox Turbo

I'm sure at least SOME of you know about DosBox, right? An emulator that let you fool your computer into believing it's an older PC running DOS instead of Windows.

Today I dicovered DosBox Turbo. It's basically the same, but for Android. That's right. I can now play my oldschool games on my tablet. How cool is that?! ^_^
Here's two tests I did with it. I'm a bit slow and clumbsy, but that's because I hold that camera AND try to control the game at the same time...

The first game is "Ultima 7 - The Black Gate".

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I've never heard of it before, but apparently Inktober is an artist movement that started several years back. In short it calls on artistically inclined people to create one (or more) ink drawing or painting a day throughout the month of October.

I've decided to give it a go, and here's my daily contribution...

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I didn't want THAT!

A few of the boys at my kindergarten are deeply and thoroughly gripped by the fandom around TMNT. Yestersay two of them asked if I could draw a "ninja turtle". I know they actually ment a "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle", but since I'm a sadistic bastard I decided to be really literal.

Here's the result..

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...let down your braid!

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Archeage: A quick overview

I was excited by the trailer, disliked it during open beta and succumbed with about 2 hours to go and purchased a Founders pack. And once I actually got into the game, I found there is a lot to love about it. But before I give you a brief summary about it, have a read of this - the response of their CEO to their launch issues.

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The first little piggy...

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Long time no talk!

Hey all, it's been a long time since anything was posted here and I dearly miss both posting and reading! I have to admit, ever since I switched jobs over two years ago, I can't post here during the work day so I've been terrible about getting on. But enough of excuses! What has everybody been up to?

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Wormworld Saga

I remember Stigg introducing that one aeons ago. By now, there's been three books published in German.

The artist started a kickstarter for an English version, with worldwide shipping.

If you want to refresh your memory, simply go to wormworldsaga.com

Or maybe this gorgeous picture will refresh your memory :)

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