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Combat mech in Minecraft

Some small part of me wishes I knew what was going on there. Another part of me is glad I don't.

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Jello Mello!

Is it a melon?
Is it jello?
No, it's JELLON!

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Divinity - Original Sin

I never played a Divinity game before. I know quite a few of them came and went over the years but they always looked like second rate games to me and I never bothered trying them. The latest game in the series (apparently a prequel) was released recently following a successful kickstarter campaign.

I stumbled upon a review yesterday and the more I read about it the more it seemed like it was a perfect game for me. I bought it on GOG without thinking more. I booted the game late this morning and the day passed by at an alarmingly fast rate. I can safely say that it's the most fun I've had with a new game since Skyrim came out almost 3 years ago.

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Durance: A narrative game

After blowing off Justin today (just kidding, I was in class until 1630), I headed up to a weekly 'game night' hosted by a local game store, appropriately called 'Games and Stuff'. The past few times I'd gone in there, a worker had mentioned he hosted the game night and invited me to join. Finally, a coworker went to last weeks and had a good time, so I headed up.

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Wii U!

After receiving some good news from work, I ran out and nabbed myself a Wii U. While I was looking to get the Wind Waker bundled Wii, they were sold out everywhere nearby and Target (local store) was have a sale on the regular ol' Wii U for $25 off. So I bought that. It comes with New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U.

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Making a game

So, I might have mentioned it here before, but I am currently enrolled to start my Masters in CompSci. Unfortunately, since I did not take any programming classes at college, I have been unable to getout of the CompSci pre-reqs. So I am currently enrolled in Introduction to Programming with Java. The problem is, I'm a decent programmer, so this class is excruciatingly slow. Since I have to take it, myself and a friend have decided to attempt to make a game using Java. Right now we are working on the backend and will add graphics much later.

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Games and Databases

Tan, this one is especially for you.
What do you think is databased for a game like WoW and/or Civilization?

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Do you know who Bill Waterson is? Sure you do, everyone knows "Calvin & Hobbes" (or "Tommy & Tigern" as it's known here in Norway).

Now, do you know who Stephan Pastis is? No?
"Pearls before swine"?
*crickets sounding in the distance*

Anyway... Waterson withdrew from comics years ago, at the peak of his career. I still remember the sinking feeling in my gut when I heard the news that he'd quit. And after that? Nothing. Not a single peek, no pictures, no news at all. For all we knew he was dead to the world.
Until now...

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The Game of Life

So tomorrow morning I go into hospital...again. This is the second attempt at an operation I call a "Gallstonectomy" in my laymans language. It has a proper medical name but I can't remember it. Essentially they want to whip out my gallbladder because I have gallstones, and gallstones can lead to Pancreatitis. After surviving Severe Acute Pancreatitis in 2001, getting it again would be classed as "not a good result"

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MMOs ... seriously?

I am enjoying Wildstar. I've been playing a Medic Scientists on the Oceanic realm and the combination of mobility and punch is fun. The art style is similar to World of Warcraft, the animations are fairly fluid and the game is moderately engaging. I can see this one has some potential. What I find amusing though?

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