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Just checking to see if everyone is still alive.

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Skyrim in a nutshell

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Ezabella, oh how I love thee

Friends, meet Ezabella. Ezabella is a hunter. Ezabella has a pet. Her pet is a cat. Can you all say cat? Can you all spell cat? C. A. T. That spells cat.

It also spells a frigging annoying pet and a Hunter that would not play along. We did the first half of Zul'Farak and it was interesting. The mage would freeze a group, then pull one mob for me. Which suddenly meant one or two casters way out of range, a melee up close and me having to play tankish pinball to try and gather them all to me so I could pummel the caster, Thunder Clap the lot of them and then use Revenge, Shield Slam and all my other toys to keep them annoyed and in my face.

If there are any DPS reading this, please. Let me charge and Thunder Clap them all together. That way I get the casters in my face and I don't have to worry about the Healer pulling aggro from them while I try and gather everyone together. I know you're keen to kill things, but it's Zul'farak.

Kill a beetle or something if you can't wait 2 seconds.

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Deeps, please?

Is this normal? Most dungeons I do my warrior ends up top of the bar, but usually only about 10% to 20% ahead. I suppose their threat generation is through damage, but to end up with 44% of the damage in an instance? That seems a bit ludicrous. Why not just roll in a group of 4 protection warriors with one healer?

That could actually be rather amusing.

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Many kinds of wrong

While waiting for rested XP to build up, the aggro of being a tank to subside and to start feeling more like mooving with my drood; I decided to dabble in a Priest for a while. I would not mind having one of every kind of healer and after 15 levels of Monking I realised the juggling of Chi and Energy and the constant complaints about not enough resources was no fun - the class just did not gel. And a Paladin, while tasty and delectable and all clad in plate did not work for me; not yet, anyway. So, I thought, priest it up!

And what more fun than trying a Goblin to see their new starting area. The way they've built these new areas is incredible. It's surprisingly well done, thematic and really captures the filth of goblins. There's some rather subtle commentary in there and it's been enjoyable so far ... except for that. The pool party scene combined with the voice that is Fran Drescher from the Nanny and that blinged-up outfit with the wooden flamingo? Anyway, it is an image of hideousness I've saved for a rainy day and today, when I am going out with my family and not playing World of Warcraft, I have the perfect opportunity to share!

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I got my swanky pants!

The mad grin says it all! Queued up and managed to get a familiar dungeon! Let me tell you, there is nothing like knowing where you're going because you've watched a countless other tanks do it to make you feel comfortable! Ran through Maraudon and smacked Princess Theradras down and even killed Rotgrip. But I was lucky enough to score both the Mail pants (Elemental Rockridge Leggins) and the sort-of warrior ring (Blackstone Ring) so now I'm feeling even more awesome. And guess what! Only two more levels till I get PLATE! Plate I tells you!

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Goblins, gold and the inflationary pressure

My pants were starting to look a little tatty so I swung past the Auction House to see if I could snag a reasonably priced pair, not too blood stained and comfy enough to fit a Panda waist. And what do I find? Goblins and the frigging usurious prices they charge. Look at this - Knights' Legguards of the Bear. It's a standard, 21 armour +10 Strength and +10 Stamina piece and about three times the iLevel of my current pants. Not that I looked at the iLevel ... you know.

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World of Warcraft: Protection Warriors

I'd thought as a healer you can see the whole splendiferous range of human stupidity. But now that I've tried my hand at tanking for wall bumping ingrates ... there are times you want to tear your hair out and just ragequit forever and ever. It is a job that requires a skin thick as Kodo hide as you'll be blamed for DPS pulling mobs, being unable to find the glowing border on their bear pet taunt as the mobs bounce from you to pet to you to pet and even if you're always the first to fight and the first to die ...

You are the shit tank!

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World of Warcraft

Well, I've been playing it again. I told myself I'd not take on a second job and what has happened? It has sucked me in and I find myself dreaming of Draenor. So after many, many months of flitting through different MMOs and trying to find one that grabs me this is the one that I can readily pick up, play and where I'm having fun with other people. I am so ashamed ...

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Looks like this place is going a bit slow, figured I'd check in. I can't access many websites at work, which drastically reduces the amount of time I can 'have fun' online. Anyways....

I -finally- bought Warlords two nights ago. Excited, I got home, entered my code on the website to update to Draenor, and promptly logged in to experience all the amazing things I had heard about the expansion.



World server was down from 6pm until some time well past 11pm. Sigh...

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