GW2 Final Beta Weekend - NOW WITH PICTURES!!! oooh

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This weekend gone was the final beta weekend before the games official release on the 28th August. This weekend the team made available the two final races; the Asura & the Sylvari so I was keen to play it and pretty much spent the entire weekend in-game. Sorry – no screenshots as they are all on my home PC and I’m typing this at work.

I rolled an Asura initially and mulled over which class to play, finally deciding on a Mesmer. I know Mesmer’s have had a relatively poor press in Guild Wars 1 but with the change in play styles & the way classes are designed I think that this will change so that none are seen negatively in grouping…at least that’s what I hope because I really really love the Mesmer and apart from rolling a Sylvari Elementalist for 30 minutes I spent all my time on the Mesmer. I also joined the PC Gamer magazine guild but apart from chatting for a while I only met one of them in WvWvW (which I played for an hour, our teams moving forward, then back, then forward, then back…and I got fed up of this and quit to just play PvE.

I managed to make it to level 11 over the course of the two days and in doing so tried every combination of weapon both main and off-hand. I really like the ability to conjure three others of me to assist, and kiting is so easy in this game. I have to say that this class and race have completely turned my previously negative thoughts about the game on their head and I now can’t wait to play more of it. I followed the storyline and did nearly all of the quests, points of interest and scenery cinematics in the areas up to the point where I needed to be around level 13 before continuing the main storyline, then decided to head to Lions Arch for a look around.

I was a bit surprised that I didn’t recognise any of the places from the original Guild Wars even though its set many years in the future until a guild member told me to take a look under water in the L.A bay. Taking a dive under the ocean was amazing! The ruins of old L.A can still be seen and you can swim in and out of the holes in the rubble. I spotted across the bay another viewing area and headed there to find a very tall timber tower with a long plank at the end just begging me to take a leap into the sea below…great fun :)

So did anyone else play? Anyone got any further comments and thoughts on it?


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I did, though I didn't have much time to play (personal stuff and such). I managed to drag in my fiancé and her best friend with a couple of beta keys, and late friday night, after a fun-run in Kharazan, we all logged in, connected with Skype.
Here's the reaction of the other players after about 5-10 minutes (we all started Asura characters):

Fiancé: "I'm confused, I don't understand anything. I'm quitting".
Her best friend: "This is confusing. I'm having fun, though".

So what little I had of the game was spent with my hubby's best friend.
I quickly changed over to a Sylvari Mesmer that I played exclusively after that, having a royal blast. I like the new Vistas stuff they added in, not only because of pretty vistas and videos, but because it's one more thing to draw people out to explore the world. Plus, it strokes the fur of any completionist out there. ^_^

Did most of my questing in Caledon Forest, and so far I'm loving the looks of the Sylvari. It all seems so alien, yet familiar. A little too many bugs for my taste, but that I can live with.

Last night I discovered a new heart quest that I had missed the first night, where I should be transformed into a living treestump of some sort and clean up the plantlife in a huge meadow. In the middle of the meadow were to gigantic ent-like creatures that did the same.
I was halfway through the heartquest when an event suddenly happened, where scores of Nightmare Court baddies were attacking the two giants and I were supposed to defend them. Fun stuff, actually. Initially I though "I'm screwed" since no other players were there to help me, but after whacking most of them I felt GOOD!

Then it happened!
I got pounded well and good and managed to misjudge my healing timing (the mesmer spell heals more the more illusions I have out, and I managed to shatter them all for dps BEFORE healing >_< ) resulting in my death.
Oh well... Teleport to the nearest Waygate for a new go. It was about a minutes time of running to get back, my teleport spell Blink included, and when I arrived at the meadow the event was done, morphing into another event. The Nightmare Court had won, corrupting the giant ents into some nasty bastartds that I now had to defeat instead of protect.

I could see that they were elites (or Champions I think GW2 calls'em) but what the heck, let's give it a shot.
The big lug packed quite a wallop, not only hitting like a sack full of bricks, but also dished out the occational rooting, making vines crawl up out of the ground to entwine my legs. Bloody annoying. Luckily I could use Blink to teleport away when I saw him lift his big paws. I'd still be rooted, but wouldn't get flattened.

Then, when I felt that I MIGHT have a chance of actually pulling it off... He summoned adds. Some kind of larvae stuff that kept on whacking my head. I kept it up for a while, using my Greatsword's final ability to throw them back, but could only last for so long... Dead again.

This time I though "sod it, I'm not strong enough" and did something else.
About 5 minutes later I first got a note that the event was successful and I had gotten a silver medal for my effort (sweet XP and coins ^_^ ), then a short while later the heartquest were completed and I got the same for that one as well.
I can only assume a group of other players came in and took down the rest of them then completed the heartquest, and I got the rewards for a partial job well done. :)

This is just ONE of the moments where I had fun. I ran a bit around in Metrica Province as well, questing and doing fun stuff with Talendria's friend. A shame Tal didn't give it a real chance, but I can't push her to try either. Would really have loved to play together with her. :(
Still, her friend had almost as much fun as I, though with a larger portion of "WTF's happening?" due to never even having seen videos of the game.

Here's another event that we did together, whacking a giant slimething that split into smaller parts, then reassembled. It felt almost like a dungeon-boss in the way the action wen't, people trying to stay out of the poo... *ehm* I mean "fire", and helping grab aggro off each other. I even had to revive a player during the fight to keep us up to strength.

And the game is gorgeous as always, the new zones no exception. I've taking this screenie of the Pale Tree in the Grove and now has it as my desktop image.

I've played the Keg Brawl in Hoelbrak too, and had a lot of fun, but will make a post myself (with pictures) of that mayhem!

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I ought to have tried the Keg Brawl game but was concentrating too much elsewhere. Funny how that screenshot 2nd from bottom with the Ooze - I didnt do that even though I did all the story & side quests in the zone so maybe that was a result of a previously failed quest.

One thing I forgot to mention is that the agro range of the mobs is surprisingly wide. In any other game I can think of I'd be able to walk past mobs which "saw" me in GW2. I rather like this sensitivity as it makes it more plausible - one of the things which always irks me is that you can walk in front of something in other games and they wont "see" you.

Did you try any gathering, manufacturing, etc? I did take up Apothecary but didnt bother doing anything with it but I kept seeing plants and trees I wished I could harvest but never spotted a vendor for the skill.

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Did a tiny bit of gathering, but didn't do any crafting.
You can gather wood, ore and plants in GW2, and neither of them require any training to do. You just need to equip the gathering tools for each node (axe or trees, pickaxe for ores and sickle for plants), which can be purchased from several vendors. Each tool works for a number of uses (50 and 100 being most common), and then you must get a new one.

Tried a little crafting in an earlier BWE, and it's fairly intuitive and fun, not to mention lucrative. It'll take up a HUGE amount of bag/bank space, though. One good thing about it, considering you can only have two crafting professions, is that you DON'T loose any progress in them if you decide to "unlearn" and do another crafting prof instead. If you have Tailoring at 150 and unlearn in preference of Jewelcrafting, you can always relearn it, and your 150 in progression will be there, along with all recipes learned.

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Looks fun! I wanted to hop on and try the two new races, but I couldn't get my VPN working and therefore couldn't log in. :S I've still got the pre-order coming, though, so I'll hopefully be able to give it a try soon. :)

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Some of the screenshots I took while playing my Asura Mesmer at the weekend. I was trying for something like the Jamaican voodoo woman whose in love with Davey Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Click the images to see them full size

Some scenes of the Asura city

Some charming fellow in Lions Arch

Under the seeeaaaaa!! Old Lions Arch

Me on top of the high dive over L.A Bay

Looking up after the leap of death!

Just some character shots I took

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GW2 Stress test today sometime. I can't seem to work out Pacific time into GMT...damn Americans! Why can't you make up your mind and use one time zone like normal people?

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Just add 8 hours. It'll start about 8pm UK time, and last to about midnight. From 9pm to 1am where I live.

Big country needs multiple hours. :P

But seriously, just double click on the clock on the bottom right of your screen, if you're using XP that is, go to timezone, adapt it to Pacific Time, and you should be able to figure it out. :P

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