EVE: Mining Barges

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Finally finished up Industry V and was able to get into my Mining Barge. Everything about it is so much nicer than my old Mining Frigate. I upgrading from straight mining lasers to Strip Miners, my ore hold is 4.6x as large (23k), and I can fit 5 drones (up from 2) and 3 Mining Upgrades (up from 1).

So how does it compare? Well, right now I can not use the Modulated Strip Miner II, so I am about 20% slower than 'optimum', and I am only using Mining Upgrade I, which is 5% increased yield instead of 9% each.

But I am hauling in 1294 m^3 / cycle (where a cycle is 3 minutes) per Strip Miner. So I am getting 216% of what my Mining Frigate was getting. Add in a few more drones, and I am tearing through asteroid belts.

I am filling my ore hold + cargo hold in ~35 minutes (of afk'ings... so if I was paying attention, I could probably get that down closer to 32-33). And I could sell the ore straight up for about 3.5M per run. So 1M / 10 minutes. 6M an hour. Not too shabby for high-sec. My corp and I are currently storing our ore while he trains up Refining. At our station, with perfect refining (and minus the 5% tax), we are looking at increasing profits by about 15% (assuming all scordite). So, in reality, its closer to 1.15M / 10 minutes or just under 7M an hour.

The total cost for all this is coming in at about 30M. I'll recoup my costs in about 5 hours of mining.

There's an ice belt nearby that we are going to check out soon. Not sure if that is a higher profit or not. Low-sec ores are surprisingly not that much of a better sell, from a straight volume:isk ratio.


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And there is a guy multi-boxing 97 accounts doing this. Well, Ice mining.

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Watch out for the odd rats while ice mining. Also remember that if youre ice mining in an ore barge then it will over cycle at the end so you need to manually stop it - your hold wont be big enough. If you let the laser run on until the end its a waste of time, and time is money stuff.

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