The Battle for B-R5RB

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The EVE Community site has just released the details. Copied in below, but you can see it all with pretty graphs here.

· 21 hours of total fighting
· 7,548 characters involved in killmails
· 717 unique player Corporations
· 55 unique player Alliances
· 75 Titans destroyed
· 13 Supercarriers destroyed
· 370 Dreadnaughts destroyed
· 123 Carriers destroyed
· 11,000,000,000,000 ISK lost
Rumoured to be around $300,000 to $330,000 if converted to PLEX!

It is so epic CCP is erecting a monument in honour of the battle in the system.

It is slow paced (Translated to Glacial) but you can see the detail and intricacy of the battle very well. Play it in 1080p for maximum effect.


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That is so awesome. I was docked 50 jumps away and had just purchased an implant, so I didn't even try to go. Not to mention people were reporting the 10 jumps you had to make through null to even get to this region were littered with corpses as well.

There was a 1GB patch today... I didn't read release notes, but I wonder if that was them putting in the monument.

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