Evolve: Trailer

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I'm bad at FPS games. Ask Stigg, he has played Left 4 Dead with me. Once. I think I may have shot the wall and the floor more than any monsters and while everybody else is graceful like a gazelle jumping between obstacles I tend to faceplant and slide down. This, however, may make me try at least. I've occasionally been following this (And Titanfall) and both are starting to look very, very tasty.


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Oh c'mon, you weren't THAT bad. This is the first time I've heard of this game. I read more about it on IGN, which also shows that you have a fifth player as the actual monster.

I dunno. It looks good. But at the same time... I think this is a game that you really need to play with 5 competent people. If the monster player is bad, its gonna be a ridiculously easy kill. If your trapper is bad, you won't find the monster. If your medic is bad, its gonna be a wipe.

It really is neat. But definitely not something you can/should/want to pub.

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Good as a competitive e-Sport though. And depending on what their matchmaking is like you could have a lot of flailing playing together and a lot of epeen playing together. That might work?

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Perhaps! I doubt a 4v1 would take off as an esport though. This game is a sale item for me. If it gets down to $10 I'll get it.

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