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Do you know who Bill Waterson is? Sure you do, everyone knows "Calvin & Hobbes" (or "Tommy & Tigern" as it's known here in Norway).

Now, do you know who Stephan Pastis is? No?
"Pearls before swine"?
*crickets sounding in the distance*

Anyway... Waterson withdrew from comics years ago, at the peak of his career. I still remember the sinking feeling in my gut when I heard the news that he'd quit. And after that? Nothing. Not a single peek, no pictures, no news at all. For all we knew he was dead to the world.
Until now...

Stephan Pastis has a blog where he explain how he not only got in touch with Bill Waterson, but actually drew a few strips together!
That's right, for the first time in over 20 years we actually have some new art by Mr Watersons magic hand. ^_^

Read about it here


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Wow. That is just. Wow.

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Haha, that is awesome! The OP of that article clearly adores him.

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Waterson went into painting.

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