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I've had a few days to play with my new toy now, and everything that bothered me with the Surface 2 is gone. I don't have as much space on the Note 10.1 but I don't lack for it either.
I've been testing out a drawing app called LayerPaint HD, and it might just be the best drawing app for Android. It might not be as versatile as Clover Paint, but it's not as overwhelming either.

I took a photo of a crude sketch I made with a real pencil on paper and imported it into LayerPaint HD. I then reduced the opacity to about 20% and created a new layer on top where I'm drawing the lines anew.

This is so that I can more easily fix small mistakes I've made once all the lines are down, and then I intend to color it.

I've been experiencing with an app called SCR to record the screen, and you can see the result in the video above. If you see white spots of flashes it's an indicator for where I touch the screen with my fingers. A small cursor appear when I hover the pen above the screen, and when I draw... Well, then you see me draw. :P

I absolutely love this program, mainly because of the way it simulated pencils. I can't say I've seen anything like that, even in Photoshop on my regular computer.


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And here's a little more, this time doing some color work as well as showing ME painting instead of just showing WHAT I paint.

I've been trying to overcome a strange social anxiety for a week or so to tell you that this looks really cool. I also wanted to tell you that I did Kid Heroes with my girlfriends kids and one of their friends. They really dug the hell out of it. Thanks for the recommendation.

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Thanks. It FEELS pretty cool to be able to make videos like this. ^_^

And you're welcome. And once the kids are getting too old for Hero Kids or just want something new I can heartily recommend "Fate Accelerated Edition" (also known as FAE). It's a full fledged RPG that's really simple to get started with and that can be used in ANY setting you wish. Think of it as a gateway game to more potent stuff. ^_^

I'm crazy jealous of your drawing skills. I've been trying for the longest to get my stepson to move to the digital realm with his art. We tried the wacom tablets a while back to no avail. If I ever have him around again(long story don't ask) I'll see if tablet will get him moving that direction. I would love to take advantage of his artistic abilities.

I suggested that we print and cut out some maps and monsters for another adventure for Hero Kids tonight and they kinda balked. They like playing the game but they don't like doing the work. I bought the rulebook and the whole set of adventures for $15, so I'm going to try another one here probably this weekend. I'm thinking I'll pour myself another class of whiskey and color/cut out pictures.

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Unfortunately you can't push creative urges. If he doesn't feel comfortable drawing digitally then forcing it on him will most likely lead to him dropping art altogether.
That said, having tried a wacom tablet is wildly different from drawing on a screen. There's a separation/deisconnection between you action and result when using a drawing tablet and watching a monitor that you don't get when drawing directly on the screen.
Good alternatives for drawing on-screen digitally:
- Galaxy Note 10.1 with LayerPaint HD or Clover Paint.
- Surface Pro 2 or 3 with any desktop drawing program you can imagine.
- Cintiq Companion (or any other Cintiq) with any desktop drawing program you can imagine.

As for the Note 10.1... Any of the Note series will do, though many feel the smaller screen on the phones are a little TOO small.


That bit about coloring the playing pieces is just me having some OCD about things looking "complete". Most groups will never bother with that. I just find it relaxing and mildly entertaining, particularly if I have something good to drink and eat on the side and a good audiobook or some music for entertainment.

His complaint with the wacom tablet was that disconnect. I suspect drawing directly on a screen will probably work for him. If/when I do see him I'll probably float that idea his way.

I'm pretty sure I prefer coloring the pieces, and the girlfriend is wanting to catch up on True Blood, which I'm sure I need some distraction for. =)

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Here's an experiment with timelapsing. This video is sped up 6 times regular speed.

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